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Medical & Laboratory

Medical & Laboratory

Extensive experience regarding the requirements in medical technology is a must, in order to successfully implement new medical applications. Within SCHURTER Input Systems, we have specialists who can support you in the optimization process, thereby bringing success to your product design.

Input Systems from SCHURTER stand out above others due to such features as high reliability, long lifetime, certified EMC compliance, easy cleaning and long-term availability.

SCHURTER Input Systems understands what the medical market demands:

Easy to clean

   • antibacterial coatings

Resistance against chemicals and solvents

   • special assemblies with closed front solutions (up to IP69)

Easy to use

   • Optional optimization for operators working under the highest pressure

High reliable

   • ISO 13485 - Certification in preparation

   • ISO 9001

   • Uncompromised fit for purpose designs only

Long life time

   • Switch solutions with highest guarantee switch actuations

   • Highest grade components and materials


   • Several antireflective and antiglare coating options

   • Different light guide solutions for backlighting in darkened

     Medical & Laboratory environments.

   • Shielding solutions can be put in place without compromising

     transparency in medical digital imaging


   • Shielding solutions

   • High radiative and conductive EMC solutions


   • Professional registering of production steps and supply

Experience of medical applications is key to successfully implement new medical applications. Within the SCHURTER Input System we have specialists to assist you for this optimization and bring your product design to a success.

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