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SCHURTER at the EMC Conference in Graz

On Thursday, April 16, and Friday, April 17, 2015, the Graz University of Technology will be holding its annual EMC Conference. This conference has become a yearly highlight for the EMC community, offering a chance to exchange thoughts and experiences. It serves as a platform for sharing practical EMC knowledge and information on the latest innovations and new developments within the industry.

In spring 2015, Austria’s most important EMC event will be taking place for the 13th time, with SCHURTER putting in its first ever appearance. Around 100 participants are expected to attend the conference, which has been attracting more and more visitors each year. During this two-day event, experts from businesses and the public sector will give a range of specialist lectures on their practical experiences and theoretical findings, as well as legal matters and EMC standards. Herbert Blum, EMC Product Manager at SCHURTER, will be holding a talk on "EMC emissions in the mechanical engineering industry".

Alongside these lectures, the conference will also include an exhibition area for companies in the EMC industry, where interested businesses can present their latest innovations and developments. Together with its partner BURISCH Elektronik Bauteile GmbH, SCHURTER will be taking part in the exhibition.

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