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SCHURTER receives prize for the best technical article of 2013

The magazine elektronik industrie published a large number of technical articles during 2013. Among them, the article "Caution - leakage currents!" from SCHURTER attracted the highest level of interest.

This spring, the trade journal elektronik industrie selected the winner of its "Technical Article of the Year award", which was presented for the first time. Chief Editor Hans Jaschinski explains the selection process: “The electronics sector introduces more than 1000 new products – not each month or week, but rather per day! As a result, the first hurdle to receive an award is to get any coverage at all within magazines in the electronics industry. Using Google Analytics, we then counted hits for the online versions of all our technical articles and product write-ups from January 1 through December 31, 2013. Using this data, we determined the winner among our readers in a very objective manner."

Herbert Blum, Product Manager at SCHURTER AG, had the pleasure of personally accepting "The Technical Article of the Year award" at the Hüthig Publishing Company's spring reception in Munich. The author of the article "Caution - leakage currents!" also reported about its background. "One of our customers had a problem with leakage current, specifically in the frequency domain. We tackled this issue and are delighted that in doing so we generated so much interest."


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