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Touch Keypad

The foil keypad with new input technologies

With the new touch keypad by SCHURTER data input can be carried out with nearly no effort. This guarentees a quick and fatigue-free operation. The user does not feel any different using the keybad compared to using a touch screen. The effort required is comparable to using an analogue touch screen. The touch keybad is therefore perfectly suited to verically positioned input systems.

The size of the touch points are variable and can be freely configured. The contact surface of the touch points correspond exactly to the design area. A definite contact is given in every point as well as in the edges of the touch area. The contact area is not limited meaning there are no contact elements used. Therefore many new design possibilities can be implemented in the construction.

The touch keypad is built very flatly, has a closed surface IP56 and does not allow for any dirty edges. This ensures simple cleaning as well as being able to be used in very harsh environmental conditions. Multi-purpose application specific labels are implemented using labelling strips. The construction of the flat touch keypad enables a simple, also customer side fitting and exchange of these strips. The touch keypad has an extremely high product reliability. It has a life expectancy of over 5 million operations.

Applications for the touch keypad include medical technologies, dental technologies, food industry, gastronomy, weighing technology, industry automation, control technology as well as in building technology.

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